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How to Increase Deliveries While Cutting Costs

In the drive to peak efficiency, many building supply delivery operations are moving to the Swap Body System. The system has been described as basically, “the same thing as a tractor trailer drop and hook operation, but with straight trucks.” In just minutes the driver swaps an empty body for one that’s already loaded...instead of waiting for up to two hours for a conventional truck to be loaded. Downtime becomes delivery time -- making it possible to eliminate overtime and unnecessary equipment.

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Logistics Professionals on Swapping Bodies:

BMC - Reduced Overtime and Added a Second Delivery Run Per Shift

Alex Eadie, Director of Supply Chain, BMC
“Turnaround time in our millwork yards is greatly reduced. The ability to load our products for our second loads of the day while our trucks are out making deliveries allows us to get additional product delivered each day in the most efficient manner. Having access to the Demountable body in the afternoon allows our associates to pull and load the deliveries going out first thing the next morning without having to wait for the truck to return from the afternoon deliveries. This saves BMC on overtime and improves our operational efficiency.”

Ashby Lumber - Doubled Number of Deliveries Possible Per Day by Pre-Loading

Cesar Garcia, Dispatcher, Ashby Lumber
“We can now load an empty body while the other one is on the truck making deliveries. Where we might have made 5 deliveries in a day...We can now make close to 10. Double what we had normally been able to do. There are no time delays when loading product. It’s pretty unbeatable to have a body loaded and just swap it out.”

Riverhead Building Supply - Eliminated Early Morning and Late Evening Loading

Christopher Stein, General Manager Riverhead Building Supply
“We’ve seen positive changes in terms of decreasing overtime. One of our biggest challenges is the increased workload we’ve experienced through growth. Some of our trucks are on the road longer than in the past. I find that I’m calling fewer guys in at 5 o-clock in the morning to finish loading,”

Just Swap and Go!
Proven Delivery System Keeps Trucks Moving

Swap Bodies (a.k.a. Demountables) increase productivity by enabling regular straight delivery trucks to utilize multiple bodies. While trucks are making deliveries, other bodies are being loaded for the next runs. As trucks return, empty bodies are swapped for loaded ones and deliveries resume in minutes.
The time saved results in:
  • No Overtime Loading
  • Multiple Delivery Runs Per Truck, Per Day
  • No Downtime for Drivers or Warehouse Staff
  • Reduced Fleet Size and Costs
  • No Staging Product
  • Less Product Damage

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Demountable Swap Body System Building Supplies

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