Hydraulic Chassis Lift for Straight Truck

We manufacture the lift system that bolts onto your straight truck chassis so it can swap bodies. It can be utilized on new and existing vehicles and is built from welded steel for longevity.

Key Features

  • Standard lengths from 12’ to 28’
  • Compatible with NON-CDL and CDL truck chassis
  • Compatible with lift gates and rear mounted walk ramps
  • 1” thick, steel over-the-center locking hooks secure bodies to chassis
  • In-cab lock safety alarm sounds when body is not locked
  • DOT compliant locking system
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Body Base Frame with Retractable Legs

We provide your truck bodybuilder with welded steel base frames with retractable legs. Manufactured by us, they’re robust enough to be freestanding alone or at a loading dock. Available in 12' to 28' lengths and widths up to 102."

Key Features

  • Compatible with all national and local truck body manufacturers
  • Reinforced locking bars match location of hooks on chassis lift or trailer
  • Available with retractable or swing down legs
  • Can be used with a variety of body and container styles
  • Tapered guide rails ensure proper alignment when mounting
  • DOT compliant locking system
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Leg Options

All our legs are designed for easy and safe one person operation. They are made from strong steel, galvanized for corrosion resistance and are nearly maintenance free. The bottom section is adjustable to obtain the perfect height for different loading docks and leveling on uneven terrain.

Standard Retractable Leg

Retractable steel legs are ideal for dolly and hand-truck loading.

Heavy Duty Swing Leg

This steel leg is braced from front to rear to provide the added stability required for fork lift loading. The HD leg is only available for 102" wide bodies.

Warehouse On Wheels Trailer

The warehouse on wheels semi-trailer is produced by us as a road-ready unit. It’s equipped with a locking system that lets it line-haul two, three or four pre-loaded truck bodies to remote markets.

Key Features

  • Capacity: (2) Bodies up to 26’, (3) 17' Bodies, (4) 12' Bodies
  • Lifting and lowering controlled by air suspension in tractor and trailer
  • Single point of locking control for each body
  • DOT compliant locking system
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Warehouse on Wheels containers at a warehouse loading dock.

Warehouse on Wheels Load-Through Bodies

Make the most of your loading dock and bay doors with the Warehouse on Wheels load-through bodies feature. Each body is equipped with a REAR AND FRONT roll up door. Up to four final mile truck bodies can be loaded at one door at the same time and shuttled to the market on a trailer. This eliminates wasted time jockeying trailers around to load and the need for cross docking near remote routes. It also cuts down on staging since goods can be loaded directly into truck bodies.

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