Equipment Options

Customize the Demountable System to fit the specific needs of your fleet.

Demountable Body Types

Van Body





Warehouse on Wheels

Extra Equipment

Customize the Demountable System to fit the specific needs of your fleet

Slider Gate

Attaches to demountable-equipped cab-chassis. You’ll have access to the liftgate with every demountable body you transport.
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Tuck Under Gate

The standard gate for accessing loading docks. Attaches to cab-chassis so you can use it with every body you transport.
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Rail Gate

Lift attaches to a Demountable body and can be utilized when body is mounted to the truck, or independent of the truck with battery power.
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Self-Storing Walk Ramp

Patented rear walk-ramp self-stores in the Demountable Chassis Lift. It can be set-up by one person for quicker, safer deliveries at street level.
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Truck Mounted Forklift

Heavy duty forklift transport system attached the Demountable-equipped cab-chassis. Available for flatbed, van and curtain-side bodies.
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Full Length Step Bumper

Welded steel bumper features slip-resistant surface for easier access to truck body. Mounted to chassis. Includes lights and standard painted black finish.
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Side Mounted Walk Ramp

Aluminum walk ramp stores inside an angled steel channel mounted underneath the truck’s body to save cargo space. Ramps are locked in place with a pin.
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Retractable Ladder

Easily access the body with or without the truck present. Ladder-style steps with non-slip surface slide from under the demountable body and lower into place for use.
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Weather Guard

Protects freight and workers from inclement weather while loading through multiple Demountable Bodies. Installs easily in under a minute.
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