Solving Supply Chain Issues and Exceeding Customer Expectations with a Demountable System

Solving Supply Chain Issues and Exceeding Customer Expectations with a Demountable System

Due to the fluid demand for building materials, a flexible final mile delivery solution is needed for suppliers. Demountable Concepts provides a proven truck-based delivery solution that reduces costs, increases efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction, helping suppliers differentiate themselves and address recruitment and retention challenges in the industry.

The demand for building materials can fluctuate over time and has led to the need for a flexible final mile delivery solution for suppliers. Demountable Concepts provides a proven truck-based delivery solution that drives operational excellence by reducing load times, fleet size and costs, while increasing warehouse efficiency and customer satisfaction. Suppliers can differentiate themselves from their competiton by solving their customers' problems and exceeding their expectations with a best-in-class Demountable delivery experience. Demountables also help with the current challenges of recruiting and retaining employees in the industry.

Building Supply Industry Showing Positive Signs of Growth

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that pending home sales in the United States have risen for the third consecutive month in February 2023, showing a growth of 0.8%. This indicates a sustained upward trend in the real estate market. Factors such as the low availability of housing inventory suggests that demand for new construction remains robust. This reflects a positive outlook among contractors who are focused on growth and expect to see rising sales and staffing levels over the next half year. As a result, planning for the upcoming year is crucial in order to effectively manage material demands. The high demand for building materials further underscores the importance of a flexible final mile delivery solution to accommodate the increasing volumes in the construction industry.

Why Implement this Proven Delivery System in Your Operation?

For over 30 years, Demountable Concepts has worked with millwork, lumber, and cabinet companies to help improve their bottom line and provide superior delivery service to their customers. With this proven delivery system companies are able to load and deliver product at the same time. Our current customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Multiple Delivery Runs with No Driver Downtime -  In some situations a second delivery run per day, per truck can be added as a  result of time saved using the Demountable System.
  • No Overtime Loading - Load times are reduced to just minutes because the next body is already loaded when the truck returns. Since It takes about 10 minutes to swap an empty body for a loaded one bodies can now be loaded during normal business hours. Just swap and go!
  • Reduced  Fleet Size and Costs - Fewer truck power units are required to do the same amount of work. To grow simply add power units at a ratio of one to two less expensive bodies.
  • Increased  Warehouse Efficiency, Decreased Product Loss -  No more staging orders. Load them right off the production line directly into the truck. This  reduces loading expenses and reduces handling for less product damage.

Advantages of a Demountable System in a Dynamic Building Supply Industry

In a complex and changing building supply industry, a Demountable System can provide a significant advantage by improving customer service and driving operational excellence. According to Builders CEO Dave Rush, “ chain issues and product shortages have lowered the bar for customer service, making it necessary to return to pre-pandemic definitions.“ Demountables let companies stand out by exceeding customer expectations and providing a best in class delivery experience. Additionally, in an industry facing challenges in recruiting and retaining valuable employees, the Demountable System can help set delivery teams up for success with a modern, easy to operate, efficient delivery system.

Next Steps: Evaluating and Implementing a Demountable System.

Overall, a Demountable System can be a valuable investment for any company looking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic building supply industry.  As you look to proactively upgrade your building supply logistics, Demountable truck bodies, a.k.a. Swap Bodies should be part of your research. This lean and efficient system is designed to reduce loading expense while smoothing out workflow and increasing the number of deliveries possible per day. Here is further information on implementing a swap body system.

The next time you are evaluating your delivery operation make sure the Demountable solution is a part of your discussion. After that, then only thing left to do is pick up the phone and call us. You'll be thankful you did!

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