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Why Demountable Concepts?

Demountable Truck Body Systems maximize profitability, save time, increase productivity and reduce costs for companies with delivery fleets of two or more trucks.

You drive trucks. We drive innovation.

Sometimes progress is just taking an old idea and looking at it differently. When we turn a fresh eye on a problem, improvements that weren’t obvious yesterday become the Eureka! moments of today. The trucking/delivery industry, with its more than 100-year history, hasn’t changed much in that time. That is, until Demount took a closer look.

We thought about the things you would most want:

  • A system that would turn “down time” into “drive time”
  • Reducing equipment and labor needed to get goods delivered
  • An easy-to-implement system for a wide array of industries
  • Practical solutions for both local and remote markets

One truck or hundreds of vehicles, Demountable Truck Body Systems quickly pay for themselves. We draw on more than a century of combined engineering, project management, and manufacturing knowledge. This is all directed toward the goal of improving delivery operations for our clients.

Why Demountable Concepts, Inc.
  • Worry-Free Installation
  • Worry-Free
  • We coordinate the installation with your truck provider and body manufacturer.
  • 100% Complete Systems
  • 100% Complete
  • When your vehicle arrives it will be 100% road ready.
  • Driver Training
  • Driver
  • After your system is installed, one of our experts will visit your location and train your drivers.
  • coordinate the installation
  • Dedicated
  • We partner with you, from the planning your system to ensuring quick and seamless integration into your fleet.