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How To Make More Deliveries with Less Drivers and Trucks

The Swap Body system is proven to increase top-line revenue while lowering operating expenses for building supply companies across North America. Over 30 building supply companies from the ProSales Top 100 use this solution for this exact reason.
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Increase in deliveries per shift
Reduction in fleet costs
4 Hours
Gained of delivery time per shift

Supercharge Your Final Mile Delivery Operation

Swap Body trucks and containers at a warehouse.

Keep Trucks Moving

Downtime becomes delivery time! Drivers swap an empty body for a loaded one and return to delivering in minutes.

Reduce Fleet Expenses

Using multiple bodies with each truck lessens the number of power-units required to do the same amount of work.

Swap Body containers at a loading dock

Increase Profits

Swap Bodies eliminate overtime, 2nd shift loading, and extra trucks used to fill gaps - converting costs into profitability.

How It Works:

Trucks Leave Right Away

At the start of the shift, drivers climb into pre-loaded trucks and depart immediately. At the same time, product is loaded directly into 2nd or 3rd bodies independent of the truck. No time wasted!

Efficient Delivery Cycle

Trucks go back and forth making deliveries during the day, as workers at the facility continue to load bodies. The time freed-up lets delivery teams focus on quality loading and making best-in-class deliveries.

Just Swap and Go

As trucks return to the warehouse drivers swap an empty body for one that’s loaded in 10 minutes. This quick swap time makes a second round of deliveries per shift, or same-day delivery, possible

We Help Companies Get More Done

Your success is our success! Our customer portfolio reads like a who’s who of top businesses. They know, compared to traditional straight-trucks, Swap Bodes are the better way to deliver to job sites, retail stores, or homes.
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