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Live Webinar: Warehouse On Wheels 101

In this live webinar, Gerry Hazzard of Demountable Concepts will explore often hidden issues that create unnecessary costs in furniture home delivery operations, including:

- Downtime for Drivers and Warehouse Staff
- Extra Fleet Costs
- Overtime and Long Drives by Delivery Teams
- Warehouse Expenses

Register to Find Out How Warehouse on Wheels Solves these Issues while Driving Efficiency Through Home Delivery Operations.

This hub-and-spoke delivery system utilizes truck bodies that can be swapped between tractor trailers and standard delivery trucks. It's a lower cost, more efficient alternative to regional warehouses and cross-docking for rapid deliveries in markets up to 300 miles from a distribution center.

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"Warehouse on Wheels 101"
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Available Dates:

  • Tuesday, June 25th, 2024 - 1 pm

This Webinar Includes:

  • Benefits of Demountable Systems
  • Demountable Equipment and its Impact on Your Bottom Line
  • Customer Satisfaction: How Demountable Systems Exceed Expectations
  • Q&A session

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