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Warehouse on Wheels System

Eliminate Regional Warehouses & Cross-Docks

Shuttling pre-loaded bodies from a centralized DC to an outlying market eliminates the need for regional warehousing or cross-docks.

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Multi-Market Infographic

Deliveries in Remote Markets? Considering Expansion?

See how Warehouse on Wheels works for other retailers who faced similar situations

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Best-In-Class Furniture Delivery

"It’s a Great Convenience for Our Customers to Have the Delivery Teams Arrive Early"

Ron Baer
Sr. Vice President of Operations

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Best-In-Class Furniture Delivery

"Our Delivery Teams Save 3 to 6 Hours Per Day"

Keegan Malonza
Director of DC Operations

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System Components

Demountable Concepts manufactures the components required for swapping bodies between straight-trucks and trailers.

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Gallery of Customers

How It Works
Multi-Market Infographic
Baer's Story
Jerome's Story
System Components
Customer Gallery

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How the warehouse on Wheels system works
Multi-Market Distribution
Baer's Story
Jerome's Story
Demountable Concepts System Components
Eliminate Cross-Docks and Regional Warehouses - Serve New Markets from Existing Facilities
    • Open New Regional Markets with No Additional Warehouse Expense
    • Eliminate Long Drives to Delivery Market
    • Centralize Distribution Facilities and Inventory
    • Eliminate Regional Warehouses and Cross-Docks

We’ll Work with Your Truck Dealer or Leasing Company

Some of Our Clients

  • Amplex Nursery

  • “We shuttle 2 bodies down to Homestead, FL every night and eliminate the cross-docking of our plants, which in turn reduced our damages significantly and sped up our delivery time.”
  • George Kostilnick

    Amplex Nursery
  • Colonial Electric logo

  • “We’ve been using the Demountable System for over 10 years. The main reason we chose the system was to reduce fleet and warehousing costs. We shuttle multiple bodies to an outlying market overnight, and provide excellent delivery service. We also cut the number of trucks in the fleet by using different body styles when needed.”
  • George Millison
    VP Supply Chain

    Colonial Electric, King of Prussia PA
  • Goodwill Logo

  • “With stores in WV, the stem time for delivery drivers was excessive. By using Warehouse on Wheels, we put our drivers in the local area and they are much more productive serving those stores. So much so we can do it with fewer trucks without impacting service.”
  • Bob Stape

    Goodwill Southwest PA
  • Republic National Distributing Co. logo

  • "Besides having warehouses in each of our major outlying markets, this is the quickest way to get product delivered to our customers. Our linehaul drivers make two trips per night from our new DC near Richmond, allowing us to run 28 route trucks in remote markets with no cross-docking or local inventory"
  • Richard Gay
    VP of Operations

    Republic National
    Distributing Co.

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