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America’s Swap Body

Demountable System for Straight Trucks

Load and deliver at the same time to save time and reduce costs.

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Best-in-Class Job Site Delivery

"Our loading and overtime costs have been reduced by 25%"

John Dennis
COO of KC Company

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System Components

Demountable Concepts manufactures the components required for swapping bodies between straight-trucks and trailers.

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Gallery of Customers

How it works
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Local Distribution Infographic

Click below to see the benefits of the Demountable Truck Body System

How the Swap Body system works
KC Company Success Story
Demountable Concepts System Components
Next Level Delivery Service, Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
    • Eliminate 2nd Shift and Overtime Loading
    • Multiple Delivery Runs with No Driver Downtime
    • Reduce Fleet Size and Costs
    • Expand Warehouse Capacity and Efficiency
    • Reduce Handling Costs and Damages
    • Utilize Different Body Types on Same Chassis
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Load One Body, Deliver with Another

We’ll Work with Your Truck Dealer or Leasing Company

Some of Our Clients

  • Riverhead building supply

  • "Riverhead is committed to reinvesting in the company and that includes upgrading our equipment to obtain a competitive advantage. Demountables made sense for us. We've been growing, and we are working towards being leaner and more efficient."
  • Christopher Stein
    General Manager

    Riverhead Building Supply
  • "By being able to load during the day instead of waiting for our trucks to return we have eliminated overtime. In addition, the Demountable System has allowed us to stage equipment on a job site which keeps us on time and more efficient."
  • Doug VanMeter,

    Rental City
  • “We have the ability to load and store multiple demountable bodies with prefabricated pipe and sheet-metal in advance to allow staging of large projects for rapid onsite delivery and unloading.”
  • David E. Mahoney
    Plant Mgr

    Walsh Mechanical
  • Amplex Nursery

  • “We shuttle 2 bodies down to Homestead, FL every night and eliminate the cross-docking of our plants, which in turn reduced our damages significantly and sped up our delivery time.”
  • George Kostilnick

    Amplex Nursery

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