Saved in warehousing costs.
Reduction in product touches.
4 Hours
of drive time eliminated per day.

Supercharge Your Final Mile Delivery Operation

No Cross Docking

Multiple truck bodies, already loaded in route order, are quickly swapped from trailers to straight trucks for last mile delivery to customers.

Less Windshield Time

There’s no stem drive to get to the market for delivery drivers. This frees-up time to make more, higher quality deliveries per day.

Rapid Expansion

Flexible, easy to deploy truck based solution offers a quicker way to enter new markets compared to setting up a cross-dock.

How It Works

Loading and Line Hauling to a Remote Market

At your central distribution center, multiple containers (up to four per trailer) are loaded through one dock just like a traditional semi trailer!

The loaded containers are then line hauled to a remote market where they will be swapped on to locally stationed final mile trucks to make deliveries.

The Remote Market Swap Yard

After being line hauled to the remote market, the pre-loaded containers are demounted from the line haul trailer and swapped on to to final mile delivery trucks.

The empty containers from the previous day's delivery runs are mounted to the line-haul trailer and returned to the centralized distribution center for reloading.

Final Mile Deliveries

After mounting the loaded containers, final mile delivery trucks operated by local drivers complete their delivery routes for the day.

At the end of the day, the empty trucks return to the swap yard and demount their containers so that they can be returned to the distribution center.

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