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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do companies choose to utilize Demountable bodies?

Demountable body systems are a cost effective way to increase driver and warehouse productivity. The ability to pre-load a body without the truck being present can save thousands of dollars in overtime and related costs, and reduce amount of equipment necessary to deliver product.

What brand of truck body does Demountable Concepts sell?

Demountable Concepts is not a body builder. We supply your local body builder with the demountable base frame that houses the retractable legs so they can integrate it into the body that’s most appropriate for or your needs.

What brand of trucks does Demountable Concepts sell?

Demountable Concepts is not a truck provider. We work with your truck dealer or leasing company to help you through the ordering process and install the Chassis Lift onto your truck.

How do I know if my demountable body is securely locked onto the truck?

The hydraulic system has a cab mounted lock warning system which includes an audio alarm and an LED light. The alarm stays activated until a body is properly secured to the truck chassis.

What kind of warranty does the demountable system include?

Our hydraulic system has a 2 ½ year limited warranty on the hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power pack. The rest of the system includes a 1 year limited warranty.

Where can I have a demountable system installed onto my truck?

We can install the system at our factory in Southern New Jersey, or at any number of our authorized installation centers throughout North America.

How do I get started with Demountable Concepts?

Call us at 1-800-254-3643 or e-mail and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you through the specifying and ordering process.

Can a lift gate be utilized with the demountable system?

Yes. Several popular tuck-under brands can be utilized with the demountable system. The lift gate is attached to the truck’s chassis, which means you’ll only need one lift gate per vehicle–not one per body. Lift gates include a hand held remote control as standard equipment. Call for details about sizes and capacities.

Can a walk ramp be utilized with the demountable system?

Yes. We offer a patented walk ramp that self-stores inside the Chassis Lift. An industry proven monorail track ensures the ramp slides in and out smoothly and a standard lift-assist device makes one person set-up and storage possible.

Can existing bodies and trucks be retrofitted or converted to be demountable?

Yes. Many customers get started by converting fixed body trucks into demountables. This can be an economical way to get started with the demountable system if your existing trucks and bodies are in good condition. This service can be performed at our factory or any number of authorized installation centers.

Can different body types be utilized on the same chassis?

Yes. Van, flatbed, curtain-side, container-transport, and refrigerated bodies can all be utilized on the same chassis with the demountable system. The simplicity of swapping bodies makes this a great way to reduce the number of trucks in your fleet.

Can different body lengths be utilized on the same chassis?

Yes. If the bodies are within 2′ increments (e.g. 22′ body with 24′ body) and the proper wheel base is specified. You may have to add a special bumper or additional lighting to comply with legal requirements. Our engineering department can help answer your specific questions.

Can different truck chassis types or brands be used throughout my fleet?

Yes. Different chassis types can be utilized as long as their lengths and wheel base dimensions are similar. The versatile design of our Chassis Lift makes all bodies compatible with all trucks of the same length. Many of our large fleet customers run several different brand vehicles in their fleets.

Can bodies be demounted on uneven terrain?

Yes. Our demountable body legs have a unique, telescoping design which allows their height to be individually set at 2" increments to compensate for uneven terrain.

Can forklifts be driven into a demounted or standing body?

Yes, but ONLY when the body is properly secured to the loading dock. In addition the fork lift’s size and weight must also be considered. Many clients use pallet jacks as an alternative. Please consult our office before attempting to drive a fork lift into a standing demountable body.

Is training available for drivers and maintenance personnel?

Yes. We provide a free driver training session for all hydraulic system customers. Training may be arranged for the manual system at an additional charge.

How much weight does the entire system add compared to a standard truck body?

The hydraulic Chassis Lift plus the additional weight of the body base frame and retractable legs adds approximately 2,800 pounds. On a non–CDL 24′ truck the approximate payload can be up to 9,000 pounds.

Compared to a standard vehicle, how much higher will the demountable body be?

Approximately 4" higher, but we highly recommend air suspension which gives the operator the ability to lower the bed height for deliveries and for demounting.

What is the lifting capacity of the system?

24,000 pounds

What is the payload capacity of a free standing body?

24,000 pounds – this includes the payload plus the weight of the body.

What is the average time needed to swap bodies?

Swapping bodies takes approximately 5 minutes.

Does my driver need any special license to use or drive a demountable body system?

No. A special license is NOT required to operate a truck equipped with the demountable truck body system.

Can the system be used on a non-CDL (under 25,000 pounds) straight truck chassis?

Yes. Many users feel that utilizing non-CDL trucks provides all the benefits of a semi-trailer without the special licensing requirements.

Can I lease the demountable system?

Yes. We will work with your leasing company to properly specify and implement the system.

How much maintenance is required on a demountable system?

Approximately the same amount of maintenance a tuck-under lift gate requires. A 90 day maintenance guide is included with each vehicle that can be utilized by your maintenance crew or company.

Are there manual (hand crank) demountable systems available?

Yes, we offer a hand crank system, but these systems are mainly for users who only want to swap bodies once or twice a week. The manual system is labor intensive and it does not have the simple alignment capabilities of the hydraulic system. There is also no body lock alarm included with the manual system.