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"I think you should consider Demountable Concepts because they are the best way you can efficiently service your customer."

Brian Quintevella, customer support manager at Pella Windows in Parsippany, NJ, shares how the Demountable Concepts Swap Body system enhances loading efficiency and customer service. He discusses overcoming truck return delays, flexibility in managing breakdowns, and maintaining timely customer service. Emphasizes efficiency, workforce, and safety benefits, and recommends Demountable Concepts for operational improvements.

Maximize Your Delivery Efficiency with Demountable Concepts

As a trusted partner serving 20 Pella distributors nationwide, we have over 30 years of experience in the window and door industry.

Our Swap Body system allows you to load and deliver simultaneously, enabling multiple delivery runs per day. With this efficient solution, you can reduce operating expenses by 25% and save on loading costs and overtime.

Save on Loading Costs and Overtime

Optimize Your Fleet and Boost Delivery Capacity

Enhance Workflow for Timely Service and Customer Satisfaction

“Thanks to the Demountable Truck Body System, we now load during the day and leave by 6 a.m. the following morning. This system allows us to preload our windows instead of staging them, which in turn reduces the amount of damage they incur because we are not double handling them.”

Operations Manager,

Pella Nashville

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More Deliveries


Reduction in loading costs


Reduction of overtime pay

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In addition to our strong partnership with Pella, we also work with other companies in the building supply industry, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery solutions.

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