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OXXO Femsa Improves Retention and Reduces Costs and Miles Driven with Demountables

OXXO is a chain of convenience stores based in Mexico, with over 14,000 stores
throughout Latin America. It’s Mexico’s largest chain of small format retail store,
and the fifth largest in the world. Coca-Cola FEMSA, the largest public bottler of
Coca-Cola products world-wide, is the sole owner of OXXO.

Prior to Demountables
OXXO transported goods by four refrigerated straight trucks from their warehouse
in Villahermosa directly to retail stores in the Chiapas (245 km/152 miles away)
and Oaxaca (601 km/373 miles away) regions. Trucks would be driven to the
market over often hazardous roadways, complete their route, stay overnight, and
return the following day.

The company wanted to decrease the number of miles driven annually; convert
inter-state travel to local travel; decrease driver turnover and labor costs; reduce the
accident rate; and free-up space in their secure yard.

Demountable Concepts Provides a Solution
Now, one driver operating a tractor line-hauls two tandem trailers, each carrying
two pre-loaded refrigerated demountable bodies, to a location near the Chiapas
and Oaxaca routes. The four bodies are demounted from the trailers and mounted
by demountable-equipped straight trucks operated by local drivers who perform
the deliveries. Empty bodies from the previous day make the return trip to
Villahermosa on the trailer and are re-loaded.

The Demountable System reduced the number of vehicles and drivers making the
trip from the warehouse to the regional routes from four to one, decreasing miles
driven, and lowering the accident rate. Local drivers now make deliveries which has
helped with retention and reduced overtime and travel costs. The Demountable
equipment also occupies less space in the secure yard.

Additional benefits include a reduction in warehouse labor and product damage
because the truck bodies are pre-loaded for each route. There’s also more
scheduling flexibility to accommodate road closures and inventory issues.

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