Why You Don't Want Your Drivers To Load Their Own Trucks

Why You Don't Want Your Drivers To Load Their Own Trucks

5 key benefits from not having your delivery drivers load their own delivery trucks.

When switching from a traditional method of making deliveries to using our Demountable truck systems, one change companies need to make in their operation is no longer having their delivery drivers load their own trucks. Sometimes, operations managers and executives are nervous about this change because it also means changing how product damage is handled, how trucks are loaded, and how inventory is handled. Though change can be hard, the right change can bring higher profits and a better work environment. Here are 5 benefits your company will gain by using our Demountable systems and not having your drivers load their own trucks.

  1. Your Trucks Will Be More Productive

    Truck chassis can cost anywhere from $70k plus just for the chassis, making it one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in a delivery operation. Keeping this investment more productive will lead to higher profits for your company. If you have delivery drivers load their own trucks, that power unit could be sitting at your warehouse for hours each day not making deliveries, therefore not making the company money. With our Demountable truck systems, bodies are loaded while on legs at your warehouse when the trucks are out making deliveries, which means you can get more work done with less equipment.

  1. Your Drivers Will Make More Deliveries Per Day and Start Their Day Earlier

    With the DOT laws governing drivers' hours of service through the use of electronic logging devices, making sure drivers are productive during their hours of service is critical. If a driver takes 2 hours to load his truck every day, that's 2 hours that they're not on the road making money. By having bodies pre-loaded and ready to go first thing in the morning, drivers will start their day earlier and be able to make more delivery stops per day. Also, you'll be able to offer your customers earlier delivery time windows which will give you an edge on your competition.

  1. You'll Eliminate The Need For Staging

    If companies do not use our Demountable truck system, they're typically staging their product on a loading dock to have it ready to load once the trucks return. The act of staging product can be redundant and inefficient, often causing cluttered and unorganized loading docks. By having demounted bodies at your warehouse, product can be picked and loaded directly into your truck body for the next day, or for another delivery run later that day. This will reduce the number of times you touch your product leading to less product damage. It will also expand your warehouse space and capabilities, and you'll eliminate the need to load product on a second shift or overtime once the trucks return.

  1. Warehouse Employees Are Less Expensive Than Delivery Drivers

    Often times, delivery drivers are one of the highest paid labor jobs within an organization, especially in home deliveries. This is because the delivery driver also needs to unload the product, sometimes perform installation, and is the last face the customer sees from your company which is critical to customer service. If you're paying your delivery drivers to load their own trucks either at the beginning or end of the day, you're paying an employee for a job that's below their pay grade. When using our Demountable system, companies will hire warehouse workers who end up specializing in loading your product onto delivery trucks. This leads to a highly skilled warehouse team, a highly skilled delivery team, and higher profits for your company.

  1. Due To The Driver Shortage, Having Pre-Loaded Bodies Is A Benefit To Attracting Drivers

    The truck labor force is shrinking, and fast. The younger generation are not becoming truck drivers, and new laws are more strictly monitoring the drivers we currently have. The competition to attract quality drivers is heavy, and companies are spending lots of money recruiting and finding ways to have their work environment be one that attracts top level talent. One thing our customers have found is that drivers do not want to waste time loading their truck and preparing goods, they want to be on the road making money and delivering product. By pre-loading bodies at your warehouse while your drivers are on the road, you'll create a great environment for drivers and one that's able to best pay top level employees.

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