It's 6:45 AM - Do You Know Where Your Delivery Trucks Are?

It's 6:45 AM - Do You Know Where Your Delivery Trucks Are?

If you run Demountables, you do. They’re rolling up to their first delivery...whether it’s close by or hundreds of miles from your distribution center. Your teams are getting an early start providing a best-in-class delivery experience to your customers.

Swap Bodies - Supercharge Local Delivery

The swap-body solution lets you load and deliver at the same time using the same truck.

The Swap-Body Secret? No downtime. While drivers are out making deliveries, items for the next runs are being loaded into 2nd or 3rd bodies assigned to the same truck. When drivers return to the warehouse they swap an empty body for one that’s loaded in about 10 minutes so that first thing in the morning drivers climb into fully loaded trucks and head out. No drama. No overtime. No rushing around. Just pre-loaded trucks pulling out of the lot...on schedule.

Warehouse on Wheels - Line-Haul to Long Distance Markets

Line-haul multiple bodies to remote markets on semi-trailers and swap to straight trucks for the final mile.

Warehouse on Wheels - Line-haul multiple straight-truck bodies to a regional market and transfer to straight trucks for the final mile.

No cross-dock or warehouse required. Your straight trucks will be at their first deliveries early and your delivery teams will be fresh, even if it’s hundreds of miles from your distribution center. The Warehouse on Wheels line-haul solution simplifies making early deliveries by straight trucks in markets hundreds of miles from your distribution center.

It’s All About Results

Check out these success stories of top companies operating Demountable equipped fleets. Demountables are a win-win for your customers and business.

Provide a best-in-class customer experience

  • Offer earlier delivery appointments
  • Provide same day delivery in some instances
  • Fresher delivery teams provide better service
  • Better control of middle- and final-mile operation
  • Less handling and damage, happier customers, fewer returns

Reduce costs

  • No overtime or second shifts to load trucks
  • Drivers aren’t paid to wait while their trucks are loaded
  • Reduce number of CDL drivers required
  • Warehouse staff doesn’t wait for truck to return for loading
  • Accomplish the same amount of work with fewer trucks
  • Eliminate cross-docks and regional warehouses

Increase productivity of delivery operations

  • Load and deliver at the same time
  • No downtime - turn trucks in 10 minutes
  • Second delivery run per day possible
  • No staging loads - open up more warehouse space
  • Travel to remote markets at low-traffic times

If you’re rush loading in the morning, paying for overtime or 2nd shifts to get your trucks to their first delivery earlier, or staging loads on the dock, our Swap Body Solutions could be just what you need. Get in touch with us. A member of our logistics team will show you how it works and answer your questions.

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