Interview: Greyloch Custom Cabinets, CEO - Shaun Fickes on Demountable Truck Bodies

Interview: Greyloch Custom Cabinets, CEO - Shaun Fickes on Demountable Truck Bodies

In a recent video interview, Shaun Fickes, CEO of Greyloch Custom Cabinetry, and Gerry Hazzard, Demountable Concepts National Account Executive, discuss the final leg of Greyloch’s ultra high-tech manufacturing process: Loading and delivering finished custom cabinetry using "Swap Body Trucks."

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As Fickes explains, "Demountables just went hand-in-glove with what we are trying to accomplish on the manufacturing side. It is part of manufacturing, because we take our product right through delivery."

This approach integrates production and delivery, streamlining the entire process from creation to customer handover.

In 2023, Greyloch opened an additional 96,909-square-foot advanced cabinet manufacturing facility in Star, Idaho. This state-of-the-art facility is fully automated and equipped with the latest technology from Homag, a leading manufacturer based in Schopfloch, Germany. The facility efficiently produces custom cabinetry for residential and commercial projects, delivering the highest quality products while minimizing waste and reducing lead times. The manufacturing line converts raw sheet materials into fully assembled, boxed products, ready for delivery by Demountable trucks, which utilize multiple bodies per truck to enhance efficiency.

Greyloch's production capabilities are bolstered by advanced machinery capable of cutting, edge banding, drilling, and gluing, maximizing raw material yield through optimization and reuse of off-cut material. The new Sorteq sorting system enhances this efficiency, allowing for the storage and preparation of up to 2,500 cabinet parts for assembly. This ensures a consistent production flow, reducing lead times and expediting delivery to customers.

The company offers European frameless cabinets with top-tier drawer and hinge hardware, boasting ten times the output per employee compared to local competitors, and producing upwards of 300 cabinets in an 8-hour shift.

Specializing in modern slab panel products with a variety of wood grain, matte, and gloss finishes, Greyloch uses only premium materials to ensure the strength and durability of their products. Each cabinet undergoes thorough inspection during production to meet stringent quality standards.

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