Swap Bodies Offer Three-Trucks-in-One Versatility and Fleet Savings

Swap Bodies Offer Three-Trucks-in-One Versatility and Fleet Savings

An often overlooked benefit of Demountables is that different types of truck bodies can be swapped by the same cab-chassis to handle a wider range of loading styles and cargo. The ability to swap specialized truck bodies also makes it quicker, easier, and more cost-effective to obtain the benefits of different types of vehicles.

Demountable trucks, also referred to as "swap bodies”, are utilized to deliver products faster with fewer trucks and less labor. While the truck is out making deliveries with a loaded body additional bodies are loaded at the warehouse. When the truck returns it swaps the empty body for one that’s loaded in about 10 minutes and returns to making deliveries. No downtime.

Demountable Concepts manufactures flatbed truck bodies, dry van bodies, and curtain-side bodies that can be operated with, and swapped between, the same cab-chassis.

Demountable flatbed and dry van body ready for loading

Shorten Lead Times for Obtaining Specialized Trucks

Demountable bodies are a solution to long lead times when it comes to acquiring specialized trucks. Instead of purchasing an entire truck, with the Demountable system you start with a cab-chassis up-fitted with a lift and lock down system for body-swaps and invest in specialized bodies as you need them. Lead times are reduced because it takes less time to manufacture a demountable body than an entire fixed-body truck.

Other advantages of swap bodies over fixed-frame trucks:

Cost-Efficient: Instead of purchasing an entire truck, you can invest in a demountable-equipped cab chassis and a set of demountable bodies that fit all your specialized loading needs.

Optimize Assets: Fixed-body specialized trucks often sit idle between loads tying up a cab-chassis, opposed to demountables, where the cab-chassis can stay productive by mounting a different style body.

Versatility: Demountable bodies can be easily swapped providing 2- or 3-trucks-in-1-value. Have a box truck in the morning and a flatbed or curtain-side in the afternoon.

Operational Efficiency: Swap bodies eliminate downtime and optimize labor and vehicle usage. Bodies are loaded independent of the truck and drivers can swap an empty body for a loaded body and return to delivering quickly, and warehouse workers never have to wait for the truck to return to load.

Morning - Pre-loaded trucks leave right away
Daytime - Deliver with one style of truck while loading another
Evening - Drivers swap empty bodies for loaded ones to be ready for an early start

Demountable truck bodies are a cost-effective and versatile solution for businesses dealing with diverse cargo transportation needs. Operators get the versatility and benefits of specialized trucks and can share the cost of a cab-chassis between multiple bodies. Plus, the Demountable system provides a host of benefits that increase productivity, save time, and reduce costs.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars with Demountable delivery solutions! If you’re interested, or have questions, please get in touch.

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