Demountable Concepts Headed to Home Delivery World 2021!

Demountable Concepts Headed to Home Delivery World 2021!

Home delivery is one of the hottest trends in the retail industry. Online shopping and subscription-based services report increasing numbers of customers every quarter. Is your delivery fleet prepared to meet this demand?

In a few short weeks Home Delivery World 2021 will be here and we can’t wait to see you there! This year's show is at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are especially excited as it is taking place right in our backyard! Our team of final mile specialists will be available to answer any questions you may have about our Demountable systems. These systems are instrumental in helping companies own their final mile experience. We can help you provide your customers with a best-in-class final mile delivery experience.  

Optimize Your Fleet and Own Your Final Mile Experience

Big or small. We have a Demountable solution designed in close collaboration with companies in your industry to help you own your final mile delivery experience.  

Warehouse On Wheels System

Control your middle-mile distribution and final mile delivery in remote markets. Warehouse on Wheels uses straight trucks to make deliveries between 150 and 300 miles from a distribution center. Cross-docking, long drives, or Class-A drivers for local deliveries are not required! Line haul and drop pre-loaded straight truck bodies in a remote market where straight truck drivers mount the bodies and complete final mile deliveries. This containerized solution optimizes labor and eliminates cross-docking for efficient delivery in far-off markets. Simplify your supply chain and make more, higher quality deliveries per day.

A number of Ashley distributors throughout North America utilize Warehouse on Wheels to provide top-quality home delivery to their customers.

Swap Body System

Make more deliveries with less work and less equipment. Give your customers the five-star delivery experience they demand! Swap Bodies are the only efficient straight-truck delivery solution. Deliver from a loaded body on the truck while the other bodies are loaded at the warehouse. When the truck returns, swap the empty for a loaded one and drivers are back to delivering in minutes. No waiting to load. Use Swap Bodies to save time, reduce operating costs, and streamline deliveries. Enhance your delivery fleet and drive revenue to your bottom line.

Next Steps

The next time you are evaluating the efficiencies of your delivery operation make sure the Demountable solution is a part of your discussion. Our team can prepare a web meeting tailored to your specific needs or schedule a visit with one of our customers in your area (where available). The only thing left to do is pick up the phone and call us. You'll be thankful you did!

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Ready To Work Together?

We’re always on the hunt for ambitious projects that push the boundaries of how products are delivered. Our account reps eat, drink, and sleep logistics. They will be happy to have a conversation about how Demountables will benefit your operation.