AMPLEX Grows Profits With Demountable Swap Body System

AMPLEX Grows Profits With Demountable Swap Body System

Our Demountable systems have been helping AMPLEX Wholesale Nurseries for over a decade. The Swap-Body System has increased productivity by enabling a straight truck chassis to utilize multiple body styles. This means that a truck chassis can be a box truck in the morning, and then the same truck chassis can be a flatbed in the afternoon (trucks can also be a curtain-side or refrigerated body as well). These versatile van and flatbed bodies allow Amplex's power units to be flexible within their operation because all their bodies are interchangeable and their power units stay moving. While a truck is making deliveries, a second body can be loaded from Amplex's distribution center for the next round of deliveries. As trucks return, empty bodies are swapped for loaded ones and the truck is back on the road in about 10 minutes! This reduction in driver turn times makes your trucks more efficient and reduces down time for your drivers, and the ability to load freestanding bodies during the day eliminates staging, eliminates loading on overtime and second shifts, and reduces product damage.

Florida based Amplex (American Plant Exchange) buys and sells plants from New York to California. Watch our success story on Amplex above which goes into detail about their operation and how Demountables made a difference. Along with making their operation more efficient, Demountables have also helped them eliminate about half their fleet of straight trucks. The reason they were able to do this is because they're now able to pick up product from a supplier in a straight truck and bring that body back to their distribution center, and then haul two bodies at once to another market using our Demountable rail trailer. This means the product is never touched from the time it's picked up until it arrives at its final destination, and the process is done with half the number of power units than previously needed.

Profit is reflected on Amplex's bottom line because one truck and two bodies with our Demountable equipment costs about 30% less than two traditional straight trucks. Only needing one power unit to make the same number of deliveries as two traditional power units means that you'll reduce your insurance costs, reduce your number of drivers, and the power units you have will always be moving and making you money. Also, by always having freestanding bodies to load into during the day, your profits will increase by getting the most done possible during regular business hours. Our equipment has been on the road since 1989, and has also been proven to reduce operational costs in various industries including furniture, millwork, wine & spirits, food distribution, and more. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help your company as well!

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