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Swap-Body System Overview

The swap-body Truck System allows bodies to be loaded independent of the truck which eliminates worker and driver downtime and increases the amount of deliveries possible each day. The System also reduces labor, operations and truck acquisition expenses. By taking your company’s warehouse and delivery operation to the next level, Demountable Concepts will help you achieve a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Demountable Concepts provides the system components, and coordinates their installation with your truck provider and body manufacturer. We partner with you every step of the way; from planning your system to ensuring quick and flawless integration into your fleet, and ultimately training your drivers after the system is installed. To keep your trucks on the road we have service and installation centers located throughout North America and a same day shipping policy for in-stock parts.

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Swap-Body System Overview
  • Demount System Advantage
  • Increase
  • By using multiple bodies for each truck, you’ll load and deliver at the same time.
  • Demount System Advantage
  • Maximize
    Bottom Line
  • Get an early start each day and make more delivery runs while reducing labor and fuel costs.
  • Demount System Advantage
  • Reduce
  • Reduce the number of trucks in fleet with multiple Bodies.
  • Demount System Advantage
  • Improve
    Customer Satisfaction
  • Deliveries will be received on time and Damage Free.

Hydraulic Chassis Lift

The Hydraulic Chassis Lift is Utilized to Mount and Demount Truck Bodies in Minutes.

  • Profile view
  • Rear view
View Centralized Controls
View 12-Volt Hydraulic Pump & Motor
View System Installation
View Locking Hooks
View Mud Flaps
View Rear Bumper
View Backup Alarm
View Front Hydraulic Lifting Cylinder
View Flood Lights
View Rear Hydraulic Lifting Cylinder

Base Frame

The Base Frame Houses Retractable Legs and has a Freestanding Payload Capacity of 24,000 lbs.

  • Profile view
  • Aerial view
View Fully-Retractable Legs
View Telescoping Leg Bottoms
View Reinforced Steel Fabrication
View Guide Rails
View Locking Bars
View Leg Housing Compartments
View Light Receptacle