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Driver Certification Program

Comprehensive training course for your drivers conveniently scheduled at your site.

  • Certification covers in-depth: pre-trip inspection of demountable equipment, safe mounting and demounting, operational trouble-shooting, preventative maintenance, and much more.
  • Students must demonstrate mastery by passing a written and practical application exam. A certification is valid for one year.
  • Training is undertaken by an experienced Demountable Concepts representative who is also a certified instructor.
Driver Certification Program - Demount 1
Driver Certification Program - Demount 1
  • Your drivers will learn insightful lessons from the field and strategies for dealing with common mounting/demounting and pre-trip situations.
  • Training is customized to your Demountable application, whether it’s a Swap-Body or Warehouse-on-Wheels operation.
  • Drivers will receive Swap-Body and/or Warehouse on Wheels operation checklists, and instructional information.
  • The certification program is a great opportunity for a Demountable representative to inspect your equipment, offer recommendations on maintenance, and gain feedback toward product improvement and innovation.
  • Protect your valuable investment by certifying that your drivers can safely and correctly operate Demountable equipment.
Driver Certification Program - Demount 2