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Best-In-Class Delivery

"Demountables allowed RDI to handle larger areas with less warehouses and handling."

Richard Deslongchamps
President and CEO

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Customers Opening New Stores? Expanding into New Areas?

See how Warehouse on Wheels works for other retailers who faced similar situations

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How it Works – Multi-Market

Eliminate Regional Warehouses & Cross-Docks

Shuttling pre-loaded bodies from a centralized DC to an outlying market eliminates the need for regional warehousing or cross-docks.

RDI's Story
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Multi-Market Infographic
How It Works

Click below to see the benefits of the Demountable Truck Body System

RDI's Story
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Multi-Market Distribution
How the Warehouse on Wheels system works
Help Your Customers Grow – Gain Competitive Advantage
    • Allow Customers to Open Stores in New Markets with No Additional Warehouse Expense
    • Eliminate Long Drives for Delivery Teams
    • Centralize Distribution Facilities and Inventory
    • Eliminate Regional Warehouses and Cross-Docks
    • Help Customers Eliminate Back-of-Store Delivery Operations
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