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Younger Brothers Door & Trim Utilizes Swap Body System

We recently had the opportunity to visit one of our customers, Younger Brothers, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Their Door & Trim division has grown into the largest source of door and trim products in their state. For over 15 years they have utilized our Swap Body system to transform the way they deliver product to their customers. 


A Proven Delivery System

For over 30 years, Demountable Concepts has worked with millwork and lumber companies to help improve their bottom line and provide superior delivery service to their customers. With this proven delivery system companies are able to load and deliver product at the same time. Our current customers enjoy the following benefits:
  • Multiple Delivery Runs with No Driver Downtime - In some situations a second delivery run per day, per truck can be added as a result of time saved with the Demountable System.
  • No Overtime Loading - Load times are reduced to just minutes because the next body is already loaded when the truck returns. Bodies are now loaded during normal business hours. Just swap and go!
  • Reduced Fleet Size and Costs - Fewer truck power units are required. They are replaced with less costly truck bodies.
  • Increased Warehouse Efficiency, Decrease Product Loss - No more staging orders. Load them right off the production line. This reduces loading expenses and reduces handling for less product damage.
The next time you evaluating the efficiencies of your delivery operation make sure the Demountable solution is a part of your discussion. The only thing left to do after that is pick up the phone and call us.

How The Swap Body System Works