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Warehouse on Wheels allows liquor distributors to centralize inventory and reduce their number of warehouses

Think of our Warehouse on Wheels system as your "Domestic Container Operation". Demountable Concepts has been helping companies centralize distribution and reduce their number of warehouses since 1989 and the benefits are endless. Wine and Spirits is one industry that's benefited from our innovative form of transportation. With strict liquor distribution laws within each state, before Warehouse on Wheels companies needed to have local warehouses stationed throughout an entire state to provide on-time deliveries for customers. With Warehouse on Wheels, customers can centralize inventory into one distribution center. To bypass regional warehouses, Demountable trailers carrying up to four bodies at once are sent to different regions of the state, where locally stationed final-mile trucks pick up their box and make their daily deliveries. Our graphics below show exactly how this works:

By implementing our Demountable system in your delivery operation, your company will be able to:
  • Eliminate regional warehouses and cross-docks
  • Open new markets with minimal brick and mortar costs
  • Divert capital into improvements at your central distribution center
  • Improve local operations and service
  • Reduce double handling, redundancy, and inefficient order picking at the regional level
One example of success in the wine & spirit industry is Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC). Since using Warehouse on Wheels, RNDC has reduced their inventory costs by 6%, diverted their extra capital into a state of the art conveyor system, and closed two regional warehouses in Virginia (their warehouse in Chesapeake has been closed since 2002, and their warehouse in Springfield has been closed since 2004). RNDC's director of operations Richard Gay says about our system, "With one DC and the ability to serve remote markets daily, it is the quickest way to get product delivered." For the last 16 years, RNDC has successfully run Demountables across the state of Virginia to help them grow and expand their business along with others in the industry like Georgia Crown and Glazer's who have both also closed warehouses across the United States using our system.

Whether your company is looking to eliminate redundant regional costs or expand without the costs of brick and mortar, our system will help you achieve your goals while providing the highest level of customer service possible. We'll work with your suppliers to install our system onto your new or existing equipment, our semi-trailers which haul multiple bodies are delivered road-ready, and we'll provide your entire team with free training upon delivery. Give us a call today to schedule an online or in-person meeting, we travel across the country visiting facilities to help them improve multi-market deliveries.