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Visit Us At The 2019 BevOps Fleet Summit

Beginning on March 19th, Demountable Concepts will be attending the BevOps Fleet Summit In Las Vegas, Nevada to showcase how our Warehouse On Wheels System can help Beverage companies reduce operating costs and own their final mile deliveries. Stop by Booth #37 to speak to speak with our team and learn how Demountables can transform your beverage distribution operation. On March 20th, our team will be hosting a round table discussion titled “Consolidating Warehousing”. We will explain how companies like Georgia Crown eliminated five of their cross-docks and RNDC were able to increase delivery efficiency by eliminating redundant loading operations. What do they have in common? Both companies are using our Warehouse On Wheels system.

Warehouse On Wheels

Our Warehouse on Wheels system allows companies to make outside market deliveries while leveraging their existing facilities without the need for cross-docks and regional warehouses. In our system, multiple van bodies with front and rear doors are loaded at your facility exactly like a normal 53' van trailer. Our Demountable rail trailer hauls the bodies to a remote market up to 300 miles away and drops them off in a swap-yard before picking up the empty bodies from the previous day and returning back to your facility to start over. In your remote market, final-mile, non-CDL straight trucks each pick up one body and make that day's deliveries. 

Here's How It Works

By using our Warehouse on Wheels system, you'll be able to:
  • Open new markets with no additional warehouse expense.
  • Eliminate long drives to your delivery market.
  • Centralize distribution and inventory.
  • Eliminate any redundant regional warehouses and cross-docks.

Where To Find Us At The Show

Booth 37 - Demountable Concepts
Tuesday, March 19 through Thursday, March 21, 2019

The M Resort Spa & Casino in Las Vegas

Demountable Concepts will also have a Final Mile demo truck present at the BevOps Ride and Drive event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 21st. It will be at the PACCAR Leasing Company's area.

Final Mile Delivery Container on Peterbilt Cab & Chassis