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We'll Bring the Warehouse on Wheels System to Your Location

Are e-commerce driven “instant delivery” expectations a challenge? Want to expand delivery service to remote markets without breaking the budget? Looking to provide 5-star-review quality delivery service to your customers?

If you said yes for any of’s worth it to check into Warehouse on Wheels. We make long-distance, large product B2C, and food and beverage B2B delivery as easy as DROP, SWAP, and DELIVER.

Warehouse on Wheels is the gold-standard for companies delivering over 100 miles away from a distribution center. With this container-style system, up to four pre-loaded straight truck bodies are line-hauled to a distant market on a semi-trailer and then transferred to straight trucks for final mile delivery. No regional warehousing or cross-docking required.

Whether you lease or own your trucks, or utilize a 3PL, Warehouse on Wheels gives you superior control over the customer delivery experience, plus smaller straight trucks are more appropriate than PUPs for accessing residential neighborhoods. 

If you’re within driving distance of our Philadelphia, PA area facility, the Demountable Concepts logistics team will demonstrate a tractor-trailer with multiple straight-truck bodies at your location and answer your questions. 

Warehouse on Wheels benefits include:
  • Utilize non-CDL drivers for final-mile portion of delivery
  • Reduce miles driven by delivery teams at the beginning and end of the day
  • Increase number of stops made per shift
  • Deliver in remote markets without additional warehouse expense
  • Centralize distribution facilities
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Other ways to find out more about Warehouse on Wheels:
  • Web meeting tailored to your specific industry
  • We set up a visit with one of our customers in your area (where available)