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New Weather Guard for Warehouse on Wheels is a "Home Run" With Customers

Keeping your products safe and damage free is one of the most important objectives in any delivery operation. Our Weather Guard, designed for use in our Warehouse on Wheels system, keeps all the inclement weather out as you're loading through multiple demountable bodies. The Weather Guard can be installed in under a minute in-between the bodies, and is made of weatherproof panels, PVC handles, and bungee cord to create a weather tight seal on the side and top openings. Easily installed, the Weather Guard will stay securely in place while your operators are loading for the next route, and the best part is they never have to go outdoors to install it. Not only will the Weather Guard help keep rain and snow out of your truck bodies, but it will also help regulate the temperature inside while loading. This is an easy way to make sure the weather stays out, and your payload stays dry.
One of our Warehouse on Wheels customers, Furniture Mart USA, had this to say about using this new product, "The Weather Guard not only greatly enhances the safety of our operators and loaders by preventing precipitation from entering the work area, but it also quickly impacts the interior working temperatures. This product is a home run with the staff and our safety department." Each unit costs $275 plus shipping, and you can view the item on our parts website for purchase here. There is no need for bad weather to ruin your day. Keep your products dry, your loaders safe, and your customers happy. See the complete instructions on how to install the Weather Guard below.

Install Instructions
  1. Open both body doors at the center of the trailer.
  2. With 2 people, have each person grab the middle of a side panel, making sure the top panel is in position to be raised between the top opening.
  3. Use the side panels to lift the top panel above the top of each header.
  4. Pull one of the bungy cords from the top panel down through the opening and secure the hand in-between the bodies. (see picture of PVC handle)
  5. Continue to pull the top handles down and secure each one so it's locked in place.
  6. Tighten each of the side panels by pulling the handles thru the opening, and securing them in-between each body.
  7. Remove after loading, DO NOT drive with Weather Guard deployed.
These units are currently in-stock, and are a must have for all Warehouse on Wheels customers!