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Leading companies are cutting diesel fuel costs by 35% with the Demountable Concepts Truck Body

Leading companies are cutting diesel fuel costs by 35% 
with the Demountable Concepts Truck Body System

Glassboro, NJ – May 2008 - In the last year U.S. average diesel fuel prices have gone up 31% according to Energy Information Administration statistics.* Companies distributing goods by truck are struggling to contain increased fuel costs instead of passing them onto consumers in an already sluggish retail market.

Many of these companies, including Ashley Furniture, La-Z-Boy and Macy’s to name a few, have implemented the Warehouse on Wheels System by Demountable Concepts, Inc. of Glassboro New Jersey to distribute their goods more efficiently and are now realizing significant fuel savings.

The Warehouse-on-Wheels System enables companies to shuttle two or more demountable cargo bodies on a semi-trailer from a main distribution center to a regional market where they are demounted. Then in “drop and hook” style the semi-trailer mounts empty bodies from the previous round of deliveries and returns them to the main distribution center for reloading. In the meantime at the regional market locally operated straight-trucks mount the loaded bodies and make their deliveries.

The system generates fuel savings by transporting multiple bodies on one semi-trailer for the stem portion of the distribution route. The comparison in the table below shows the annual savings generated by integrating one semi-trailer and two demountable bodies into a typical distribution operation.


Two Straight -Trucks

Demountable Semi-Trailer 
with two bodies

Distance to regional market

120 miles

120 miles

MPG average per vehicle

8.6 mpg

6.8 mpg

Average fuel cost

$4.14 per gallon

$4.14 per gallon

Gallons per round trip

27.91 gallons

35.29 gallons

Number of vehicles



Gallons fuel used per day

55.81 gallons

36.29 gallons

Fuel cost per day



Fuel cost per year (250 days)



Fuel cost savings by utilizing demountable semi-trailer with two bodies


Annual fuel cost percentage savings by utilizing demountables


Warehouse on Wheels also improves the local delivery route’s efficiency and manageability because:

It’s easier to hire drivers for routes closer to their homes
Single axle straight-truck drivers don’t require a CDL 
Shorter drives make compliance with hours of service laws easier
Drivers depart earlier and spend less time driving and more time delivering 
Demountable bodies arrive pre-loaded which reduces overtime driving and loading
Rustin Cassway, owner and president of Demountable Concepts, Inc. sums up the growing 
demand for the Warehouse on Wheels System by saying, “For years demountables have been used in Europe to combat high fuel prices. With even higher U.S. fuel costs projected and no relief in sight companies are looking for ways to cut fuel costs. Warehouse on Wheels is just that, an easy to implement, cost-effective system that can quickly cut fuel costs by 35%.”