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How Demountable Concepts Is Making Sustainability Profitable

Transporting, warehousing, and delivering products has had an environmental impact on our planet for years. Recently, companies have been able to expand their networks, improve their technology, and deliver more product than ever. This increase in production has resulted in more transportation and warehousing, which has led to higher emissions and energy consumption.  By hauling multiple non CDL bodies to a remote market with a single trailer, the Demountable Concepts' "Warehouse-on-Wheels" system allows companies to perform final mile delivery without warehousing and cross docking.  We're making companies more sustainable by reducing energy consumption, traveling less mile, and drastically lowering companies' carbon footprints. The best part about helping companies become more sustainable is that we're also helping them drive profits. Many Top 100 furniture and building supply companies have increased profits by eliminating cross-docking and second handling which greatly reduces the number of damages. With the entire transportation industry trending towards more sustainable options, implementing our demountable system could make all the difference in having an edge over your competition. Call us today to schedule a demo or an online meeting to see how we can help you become more sustainable while also help drive profits.