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Housing Market Growth Inspires Top Ten Lumber and Building Materials Supplier BMC to Expand Utilization of Demountable Trucks

Housing Market Growth Inspires 
Top Ten Lumber and Building Materials Supplier BMC to 
Expand Utilization of Demountable Concepts Equipped Trucks

Glassboro, NJ – July 2014 – Boise Idaho based Building Materials and Construction Services (BMC) is acquiring new Demountable Concepts equipped truck bodies and straight-truck cab/chassis to add units in growing markets and replace aging equipment. BMC serves 14 markets in ten states?including eight of the top 25 housing markets in the US. The company has utilized the Demountable Truck Body System for 15 years and is expanding its use due to a proven track record of increasing delivery capacity by 33% while simultaneously reducing fleet and labor costs.

BMC Loads and Delivers at the Same Time to Increase Delivery Capacity and Decrease Costs

The Demountable System, primarily utilized in BMC’s millwork operations, increases productivity by enabling regular straight delivery trucks to utilize multiple bodies. While a truck is making deliveries, a second body is being loaded for the next run. As trucks return, empty bodies are swapped for loaded ones and deliveries resume in ten minutes. This reduction in turn times with the ability to load bodies independent of the truck throughout the day eliminates overtime loading and second shifts to load. It also ensures trucks depart first-thing in the morning, making multiple delivery runs per day possible. Other benefits include better load planning, reduced clutter on the loading dock and less product damage.

Profit is reflected on the bottom line because two truck bodies and a truck cab/chassis equipped by Demountable Concepts cost 30% less to acquire than two standard straight delivery trucks. The System also requires less labor to operate and is more economical to insure and maintain.

Demountable Concepts Worked Directly with BMC’s Vendors for Seamless Acquisition

BMC’s truck provider delivered their straight-truck cab/chassis directly to Demountable Concepts 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility where hydraulic chassis-lifts were installed onto each to make swapping bodies possible. In this case Demountable Concepts built the specialized curtain-side/hard-side demountable bodies from the ground up. These bodies deliver the versatility of a retractable curtain for easy fork-lift side loading and unloading and rear double doors for loading dock access. There’s also a retractable walk ramp for unloading with a hand truck at street level. The trucks and bodies were then delivered to BMC as finished units. In most cases Demountable Concepts provides clients’ body builders with the base frame and retractable legs for integration into a number of different body styles.

Demountable Concepts is North America’s Premier Demountable Truck Body Provider

Demountable Truck Body Systems, also known as “Swap Bodies” are widely operated throughout North America to reduce fleet and labor costs while simultaneously improving the performance of straight-truck delivery operations. Industries utilizing the System include millwork, lumber, cabinets, building supply, window and door manufacturers, non-profits, furniture, wine and spirits, and food distributors.