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Demountable Demo Truck Visits Morgan Headquarters

One of the keys to our success over the past 30 years of building demountable trucks has been our ability to partner with different manufacturers to build our customers ideal delivery vehicle. For example, we work with the nations top truck body builders to install our demountable equipment on different styles of trucks. Earlier this summer we had the chance to visit our friends at Morgan to demonstrate how our system works to their employees. We brought our Demo Truck to their corporate headquarters in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and demounted a container right in the parking lot! 

Traveling Demo Truck

Demounting a body at your loading dock door is the most effective way to visualize how the swap-body system boosts the efficiency of delivery operations by letting a single truck load and deliver simultaneously. It's also a convenient way for your entire team to see the system, and how easy it is to operate.

A Demountable representative will bring a dry freight van body equipped with retractable legs, and a straight truck cab-chassis with a lifter installed for swapping bodies to your location. They will demonstrate step-by-step how the system works and answer your questions.

Most who take advantage of an onsite demonstration are just starting to investigate the Demountable Concept. But, if your truck lease is up for renewal or you're looking to purchase new trucks, this is the best way to do your due diligence on whether the Demountable System is a good fit. All it costs is a little time to find out if swapping bodies can reduce the operating cost of your delivery operation while improving customer satisfaction.

Call 800-254-3643 with questions or to schedule a convenient date.

If you're not ready for an onsite demonstration ask about these other ways to find out more about Demountables:

  • Web meeting tailored to your specific industry
  • We set up a visit with one of our customers in your area (where available)