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Demountable Concepts, Inc. Celebrates 20th Anniversary as North America’s Premier Provider of Demountable Truck Body Systems

Demountable Concepts, Inc. Celebrates 20th Anniversary
as North America’s Premier Provider of Demountable Truck Body Systems

Glassboro, NJ – May 15, 2009 – In the midst of some of the most turbulent times in recent memory for manufacturers in the transportation industry Demountable Concepts, Inc. is celebrating 20 years of success and looking forward to continued growth. The Glassboro, New Jersey based company designs, manufactures, and works with truck body builders and leasing companies to coordinate the installation of their interchangeable truck body systems into commercial straight-truck delivery fleets.

The Early Days

Frank Fisher had 18 years experience with Demountable truck body technology as Vice President of Truck Container Systems in Hammonton, New Jersey when he and Rustin Cassway met and began working together 1986. In 1989 Fisher and Cassway started Demountable Concepts, Inc. and began their mission to help companies throughout North America improve their loading and delivery processes.

Today the company offers well over 100 years of combined sales, management and engineering experience with Demountable Systems in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Their roster of clients consists of fleets ranging in size from one truck to hundreds, and includes furniture and cabinetry retailers and manufacturers, millwork and building products companies, snack food and beverage distributors, commercial nurseries, pool suppliers, party-rental outfits, janitorial supply services and more.

When asked his thoughts on their growth and success over the last 20 years, Frank Fisher, company CEO said, “We knew going into it that once we got the word out about how Demountables can reduce the number of trucks needed in a fleet by as much as 50% while actually increasing the amount deliveries possible per day we would be busy -- no matter what state of the economy.

“Once potential clients see how quickly the system pays for itself and starts pushing profit to the bottom line they usually want to implement it right away.”

The company offers two interchangeable truck body systems.

The Demountable Truck Body or “Swap-Body” System for Straight-Trucks

The Demountable System consists of retractable legs added to the truck body’s base frame and a lift and lock-down system installed onto the truck’s chassis that makes “swapping” bodies quick and easy. Adding the flexibility of interchangeable free-standing bodies to a straight-truck delivery fleet provides a number of benefits:

The ability to preload. One or more bodies can be loaded at the warehouse while the truck is on the road making deliveries with a different body.

Decreased labor costs. Workers no longer have to wait for the truck to return or reload outside of normal business hours so loading at overtime rates is eliminated along with product staging and rushing to load. Some companies have been able to eliminate the need for a second shift.

Drivers no longer have to wait for their trucks to be loaded. This frees-up time for additional deliveries during the day or showing customers additional products to generate new business. 

Operational savings or increased throughput by improving efficiency. The system reduces leasing, insurance, registration and maintenance costs because fewer trucks are needed to do the same amount of work. Conversely, the same number of trucks can make more deliveries per day which drives expansion and profitability.
The Warehouse on Wheels Portable Distribution Center 
Provides Flexible, Cost-Effective Access to Regional Markets

The Warehouse on Wheels System utilizes a semi-trailer with a lift and lock-down system to long-haul up to four demountable bodies to a regional market where they are demounted. Local demountable-equipped straight-trucks then mount the preloaded body corresponding to their route and make deliveries. The empty bodies from the previous round of deliveries make the return-trip on the semi-trailer.

Along with the local advantages of the Demountable Truck Body System the Warehouse on Wheels Portable Distribution Center provides the following benefits:

Truck-based access to regional markets that is more cost-effective than warehouses or cross-docks. It’s also portable and provides the flexibility necessary to quickly expand to accommodate emerging markets or change locations to keep up with migrating retail hot spots.

Eliminates regional “brick & mortar” facilities, and their costs, by consolidating them into a central warehouse with a truck based “hub and spoke” delivery model. Centralization also facilitates easier and better inventory control and reduces labor, utilities, maintenance, and real-estate costs.

Decreases the amount of diesel fuel burned by 35% or more when two straight-trucks are replaced by one semi-trailer with two Demountable bodies for a 120 mile stem journey to the regional market.

Increases customer satisfaction and reduces inventory, damage and incorrect deliveries because orders go directly from the main warehouse to the retailer in the same truck body.
Poised for future growth with a new 50,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility

Demountable Concepts, Inc. recently moved into a new 50,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility with the latest in auto CAD engineering and design capabilities; a CNC plasma cutter; a large paint shop, and state-of-the-art fabrication equipment. They’ve also begun offering their line of custom-made commercial glass and stone carriers to a national market; added truck body and lift gate repair and service to their repertoire, and launched a new online store offering parts and related products at:

Rustin Cassway, President of Demountable Concepts, Inc. says, “The recent downturn in the economy has motivated companies to re-think their logistics expenditures and created increased demand for Demountable Systems because of the efficiency and savings they produce. This new facility has the latest in fabrication technology and gives us the ability to provide top-quality service and quick turnaround to an expanding group of clients while growing the range of related products and services we offer.”