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Companies in Diverse Industries Reduce Brick and Mortar Expenses with the Warehouse on Wheels System by Demountable Concepts, Inc.

Companies in Diverse Industries 
Reduce Brick and Mortar Expenses with the 
Warehouse on Wheels System by Demountable Concepts, Inc.

Glassboro, NJ – January 2014 – At first glance furniture retailers, wine and spirits distributors, building supply companies, window and door manufacturers and non-profits don’t appear to have much in common in regards to their day-to-day delivery and distribution operations.

One similarity is that a many of these companies have realized significant savings by consolidating regional warehouses or eliminating cross-docks with Demountable Concepts' Warehouse on Wheels System. Others have increased profitability by expanding into new markets without investing in additional facilities or real estate. The Demountable System also improved the day-to-day efficiency and quality of their delivery operations.

This pod-style system provides companies with a truck-based alternative to traditional brick and mortar based distribution and delivery. With the system, up to four demountable bodies are loaded with merchandise for specific delivery routes and line-hauled to a drop-yard in a regional market on semi-trailers and demounted. Next, locally operated straight trucks mount the body that corresponds to their route and set out to deliver the goods. Empty bodies from the previous round of deliveries make the return-trip to the warehouse on the semi-trailer.

Cleveland, Ohio based Arhaus Furniture, one of the nation’s premier fine home furnishing retailers, implemented the Warehouse on Wheels System to expand their central warehouse’s deliverable territory to outlying markets in ten states. The system enabled Arhaus to avoid the expense of opening cross-dock facilities in their regional markets while increasing the productivity of their local delivery operations. Since pre-loaded bodies are picked-up at a drop-yard, as opposed to loading trucks at a cross-dock, time spent loading and unloading has been eliminated which frees-up drive time so teams can make more delivery stops per day.

Arhaus Furniture’s Chief Logistics Officer, John Roddy credits Warehouse on Wheels with the positive result by saying, “Utilizing a demountable shuttle operation produced an annual savings of 30% over opening regional cross-dock facilities in our target markets”

Additional benefits include rapid deployment into emerging markets because drop-yard locations are quicker and easier to start-up than regional warehouses. Product damage and incorrect orders are reduced because inventory travels directly from the warehouse to the retailer/consumer in the same truck body, instead of being double-handled at a cross-dock. And, multiple bodies can be loaded quickly at the same loading bay due to walk through doors on the front and rear of each body.

Swap bodies are widely utilized by Wine & Spirits, Furniture, Millwork, Window and Door, Cabinet and Non-Profit Retailers who deliver their products with straight delivery trucks.