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Braden’s Furniture improves their bottom line by streamlining delivery operations with Demountables

Knoxville, TN, July 2007—Braden’s Furniture sells medium to high end furniture, including the “Stickley” line, and delivers to three locations in the Knoxville area. They have recently added four Demountable Concepts equipped trucks and eight bodies to their fleet to streamline their delivery operation and add profitability to their bottom line.

Previously, workers waited for trucks to return before they could reload them. This often resulted in costly delays and added labor costs.

Now, the Demountable Concepts system has enabled Braden’s Furniture to eliminate downtime, save on labor and fuel, and deliver more furniture per shift. Each truck utilizes two bodies for maximum efficiency. When a truck returns from its route, the empty body is immediately “swapped” for one that’s been preloaded. In about five minutes the truck can be back to delivering furniture.

Josh Theriot, Braden’s Customer Relations and Operations Agent, sums up the improvement: “In the past, we paid a driver and helper team overtime to load their own trucks, but now our warehouse crew loads one body for the next set of deliveries before the driver comes back with the empty one. Thanks to the Demountable Truck Body System, we can load during the day and our furniture deliveries are on the road by seven a.m. the next morning.”

Braden’s also uses Demountable bodies to supplement their warehouse space. A yard truck shuttles the bodies around the facility, readying them for pick-up and creating room at the dock to load additional bodies. Loading directly into a demountable body, instead of staging freight on the loading dock, has resulted in less clutter in the company’s shipping department.

Demountable Concepts installs the lifting unit onto the bed of straight-truck power units and supplies truck body manufacturers with the components to make bodies interchangeable. The system can be utilized with new and existing fleets and is offered by many truck leasing companies. Demountable Concepts, Inc. is the premier North American supplier of demountable truck body systems and has installation centers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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